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KELLWORKS Online Catalogues
of Celtic Knotwork and Mythical Beasts

In Brigit's Feast (Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 9, 11) Frank Mills writes...

...The interlaced patterns with their unbroken lines symbolize humankind's pilgrimage, both as a quest to return to our divine source and our spiritual growth as we move along in the quest.  The pattern is to be mentally unraveled, which, while occupying the mind with a repetitive task, creates a deeper concentration enabling us "to see."  In this, it is akin to the use of a mantra or rosary beads....

Welcome to KELLWORKS  

You are entering a mystical realm of 

Here you will find
ancient Keltic designs
carved into unique boxes and vases and memorable gifts.    

If your tastes run to the classic, we have 
Buddhas, and Grecian statues, goblets,  and urns.

If your interests are more esoteric, we offer 
Wiccan tools for the practice of ritual magic.   

Should you tire of the fantasy world, have a peek at 
our collection of
Tennessee Walking Horse gifts.   

All six catalogues have their own separate pages of links.  
You will find the
rings to match the topics there too.   

KELLWORKS can be reached through SNAIL MAIL,
CHAT ROOM, or by ICQ, or by EMAIL, and please 
don't forget to sign our
GUESTBOOK before you leave.

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All pieces of artwork in these catalogues are patiently hand-made on Vancouver Island in Canada.   They are washable with soap, warm water, and a soft cloth, but are not recommended for dishwasher cleansing.   All goblets and other food containers are glazed inside and completely safe for normal use.

Dealer enquiries are welcome.   Wholesale price list is available upon request.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2004

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NB:  All Keltic knots on these pages are the exclusive property of the first artist to cut them into stone, or to dip his fingers in soot and smear them onto the walls of an ancient cave.  As he is long dead, I am sure he would not mind if you also swipe them to beautify another site or object, in his memory.  The designs and graphics, however, belong to Kellworks. . . . .Enjoy !