These Tennessee Walking Horse motifs are not pre-formed, but individually hand-carved and hand-painted, so that each horse is slightly different than any produced before or after it, and all are delicately sculpted to illustrate the musculature involved in performing the gaits. Because each piece is crafted separately, it is possible to render any of them in the color and style of your choice, including special orders painted from a photo of your own horse or favorite champion. The horse's name and owner, or most important victory can be hand-lettered on the larger pieces as well. If you scan a color sample or fabric swatch to include with an order, it will be matched as closely as possible. Each piece is carefully crafted to your own specifications. It's your choice.

If you are ordering horses, you will be contacted about your preferences for Show Horse or Pleasure Horse motifs, and your choice of colors. Special orders requiring lettering should not exceed 2 lines of script at 18 characters per line at a cost of $5.00 per line. Personalized painting of the horse motifs to match the colors and markings of a scanned photo are $25.00 extra.  Please send scans via email.



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