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tworosesanima.gif (15521 bytes) This site was created by Bansidhe Graphics, and all the patient people who viewed it in bits and pieces, and told me how to correct the errors on it ........ Thank you all.   Special recognition and many thanks goes to Michael Handel for the  "Fairy Bells"  on the main page.
** Fairy Bells was written for a 16 bit sound card and a Windows Midi-Mapper.**

Australian Aboriginal Art
Unique Gifts Ideas For Men

Unique Australian Aboriginal Art. Buy hand carved and painted Aboriginal Art paintings, Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, Rainsticks, Frog Callers, Bull Roarers, Traditional Masks, Jewellery and lots of other unique gifts. Designs by Australian Aboriginal Stan Yarramunua from the Yorta Yorta tribe. Orders shipped worldwide.
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