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Classics are classics in any form, 
and included here are some truly classic tools for web design, 
along with links to some other classical sites.   Enjoy
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Jasper's Origami Menagerie Salvatore Dali
Artist Index Enchanted Mind
Leonardo da Vinci Museum I Have Learned...
Fine  Art, Paintings Of Michael Swanson 3rd Millennium Pros
Entrance to the Shakespeare Web Wizard TOC
1998 Art Wolfe Nature Photography Art. Net Links Galleries
Thames Valley Business Directory Amazing Faces
Random Faerie & Celtic Art Dr. John's Place

123 Greetings

dArt - The Internet Art Database

Yasong International Art Exposition

The Sherlock Holmes Museum


Pastime Portfolio Collection

CGFA- A Virtual Art Museum

Collectors' Post

                   Cognitive Sciences Laboratory (CIA Studies)             

     The Most Beautiful Java Applets Ever     
*my personal sanctuary* 

                                       Classical MIDI Archives   *the Best*

 The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser

Dave Central..the best place to find everything

Ask Jeeves .. the easiest search engine ever


Man in the Golden Helmet
Rembrandt Van Rijn 

Prince Balthazar-Carlos on a Pony
Diego Velasquez 

Blind-Man's Buff
Jean Fragonard 

Yasong International Art Exposition

Get an astonishing reading here !!   It's a truly remarkable website.
NOTE:  This is one of the most beautiful, most informative, most comforting
websites on the net !     An absolute MUST see for anybody.

lakeland java applets

Relax a little...

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