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KELLWORKS Wholesale Order Form for dragons, 
Keltic knots, faeries, Tennessee Walking Horses, and tools for ritual magic.

Sales Tax
State/Province:      Zip/Postal Code:
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Shipping and handling costs  for Surface Rate, F.O.B., Vancouver Island are paid by KELLWORKS.   If you require insurance or special shipping methods, arrangements can be made but the financial responsibility will be yours.   All prices are listed in US funds and are subject to change without notice.   Upon receipt of your order, a confirmation will be sent to you, requesting details of your choices in colors and motifs, and any special shipping instructions you may have.   

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Dueling Dragons 220.00
Dragon Wall Sconce 400.00
Lakeland Dragon 320.00
Dragon Goblet Single 52.00
Dragon Goblets Pair 96.00
Dragon  Teapot 132.00
Dragon Tray 108.00
Dragon Incense Burner 108.00
Dragon Jewel Box 18.00

Dragons Total 

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Buddha Incense Burner 360.00
The Cowboy 66.00
Lady Wind 116.00
Pony Express Rider 80.00
Powder Horn Stein 68.00
Leaf Stash Box 52.00
Carousel Horse 60.00

Classics Total

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Woodland Faery 650.00
Gargoyle 85.00
Gargoyle Pair 150.00
Grand Wizard 565.00
Unicorn Goblet 65.00
Unicorn Goblet Pair 120.00
Grim Reaper 165.00

Fantasy Total

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Comm. Plate Show 132.00
Comm. Plate Plantation 132.00
Palomino Unicorn Jewel Box 44.00
Tall Oval Vase Show 144.00
Tall Oval Vase Plantation 144.00
Barquette Vase Show 36.00
Barquette Vase Plantation 36.00
Small Banded Ginger Vase Show 28.00
Large Banded Ginger Vase Show 52.00
Pair Banded Ginger Vase Show 72.00
Small Banded Ginger Vase Plantation 28.00
Large Banded Ginger Vase Plantation 52.00
Pair Banded Ginger Vase Plantation 72.00
Min Squat Vase Show 20.00
Min Squat Vase Plantation 20.00

Horses Total

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Oval Jewel Box 20.00
Cameo Flask Vase 32.00
Cone Vase 24.00
Keltic Jewel Box 30.00
Celtic Clock 44.00
Heart Jewel Box Small 28.00
Heart Jewel Box Large 40.00
Heart Jewel Box Pair 60.00
Hex Vase Small 36.00
Hex Vase Large 52.00
Hex Vase Pair 80.00
Knot work Total

Quantity Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Mortar Pestle 168.00
Ceremonial Plate 256.00
Ceremonial Decanter 136.00
Ceremonial Chalice 116.00
Ceremonial Bowl 192.00
Ceremonial Chest 100.00
Wicca Total

Dragons Total : $
Classics Total: $
Fantasy Total: $
Horses Total: $
Knot work Total: $
Wicca Total: $
Judy  Handel
# 5350 Miller Road
Duncan, British Columbia, V9L 4A1
The International Postal money orders are pink
and look like this (click for larger view):

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WARRANTY:  Should any item arrive broken or damaged, return it to KELLWORKS at the address above.   The item will be replaced immediately, free of any charges.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

NOTE:  all data submitted from this page will be held in the strictest confidence.

Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.  Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery.   Thank you for your order.    : ))

Judy Handel,